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The main direction of our company is a granting advanced technologies to clients in the sphere digital the Internet of television.

The fundamental difference of digital television from analog consists that the television signal indulges in the form of digital codes. Such transfer is carried out absolutely in a different way — neither distortions, nor hindrances. Ideal transfer!
As the digital stream is transferred, there are possible new things which were remote or inaccessible in analog television.

Digital the Internet the television gives ampler opportunities. It and existence of the program schedule directly on the screen of your TV, and a possibility of the postponed viewing of programs from archive in any time convenient to you and many drougy.

The only thing that connection with speed from 2 Mbit/sec. is necessary for high-quality viewing stable the Internet.

Our service is constructed on modern middleware D-mich@el Mag portal. It gives us the chance to offer viewing on the most various devices.

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